How To Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant – Interview with Megan Johnson

Have you considered becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? 

You’re a Pinterest nerd. You know how to make click-worthy pins that drive traffic to a website. Tailwind Tribes and Board Insights get you excited.  Maybe you’ve mastered promoted pin campaigns. Now, you’re looking for more ways to monetize your Pinterest marketing skills. Becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant, or Pinterest manager, is one of the best ways to make money on Pinterest. You can put your Pinterest marketing skills to good use and help others grow their businesses.  

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In this post, we’ll be chatting with Megan Johnson, who has been a successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant for two years. Megan is also the creator of Pinterest Ninja, my most recommended Pinterest course for beginners. She runs the website, Love Family Health, where she shares Pinterest marketing tips and online business advice. Megan has previously shared tips to increase your traffic with Pinterest.

This time Megan will share her advice about getting started as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and tips for success. After that, you’ll get a preview of her course for aspiring Pinterest virtual assistants, VA Ninja. Let’s jump right in. 

Please give us a little background on yourself and how you became a Pinterest virtual assistant. 

I have a background in Marketing and Communications and had/have a strong love for Pinterest. I started doing online marketing via Pinterest for a few companies back in 2014 and had such success with it.

I decided to create a course to teach others to do the same! I then started getting more and more clients via word of mouth and it turned into a full-time income in just about 2 years! 

What exactly is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? Can you explain this to those who aren’t familiar with this line of work? 

A Pinterest virtual assistant is someone who is in charge of managing another person’s Pinterest for a business account. With the sole purpose of driving free traffic to their website via the Pinterest platform. Your job is to create eye-catching images, optimize them properly for SEO, and monitor which content is converting to website traffic. 

How can someone become a Pinterest virtual assistant with no previous experience? 

You first want to have success when it comes to your own Pinterest for Business account. You need to know the in’s and out’s of the entire platform. You want to have success there before working for others. 

What are some of the challenges of becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant? How can people overcome them? 

Landing clients! This is the part that a lot of students get frustrated with. The best thing to do is offer services for free in exchange for a review! Even if it’s for a family member or close friend. This is how you build your resume. Once you land a client or two and do well with them the referrals start rolling in! Every single one of my clients I landed via word of mouth! 

What do you enjoy most about being a Pinterest virtual assistant? 

The flexibility to make my own hours and schedule! And that I get to work from home! 

What are the most common misconceptions about being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? 

That you just pin content to Pinterest like recipes and crafts. Pinterest is a complex search engine just like Google, and it takes a lot of education and knowledge of SEO to be successful on it! 

How much does it typically cost to start and maintain a Pinterest virtual assistant business? 

It depends on the state you live in! Registering a business (becoming an LLC or independent contractor) can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on where you live. My monthly costs for my business are around $250, so not that much!

When I first started out though, I had under $70 in costs a month. That was for my email marketing system and the two-pin creation programs I use. If I didn’t have an email list it would have cost me about $30 a month. As my client list and email list have grown that number has gone up. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Pinterest virtual assistant? 

Anyone with enough dedication can do it! If you would have told me 6 years ago I would be making more money than any corporate job would have paid me, I would have thought you were crazy! And now here I am, with a full-time income, making my own schedule and working in my PJs! Especially during this crazy year, it has been so nice not to stress out about who was going to be home with my kids and help with virtual school! 

What is VA Ninja? Can you tell us more about your course and who it’s for? 

VA Ninja is for those who already know how Pinterest works. This course teaches you how to set up your own Virtual Assistant business in terms of legal aspects, package creation, and client management. 

I hope you enjoyed that interview with Megan and found her tips useful. Now, let’s take a look at her VA Ninja course.

A look inside VA Ninja 

VA Ninja is an all-in-one course that guides you through the steps to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. You’ll go from clueless about how to set up a Pinterest Virtual Assistant business to confident and booked out with clients. This text-based course covers common questions that newbies have, such as:

  • What packages or services should I offer?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I land my first clients?
  • Where should I promote my services?
  • How should I onboard clients?
  • How do I collect testimonials?
  • What tools and systems should I use to manage my workflow?
  • What’s the best way to set up invoices and recurring payments?

Click here to learn more about VA Ninja and find out how to set up a Pinterest virtual assistant business.

Here’s a breakdown of what VA Ninja covers:

What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do? 

The first lesson covers the responsibilities of a Pinterest virtual assistant in detail so you know exactly what to expect. Then it shows you how to set up a website to promote your services (if you don’t already have one.) If you have a website, you can simply add a ‘Work with Me’ page. 

The legal aspects of being a Pinterest virtual assistant

Taxes, invoices, contracts, and legal paperwork. These aren’t the most exciting topics, but they are essential if you want to run your business properly. This chapter talks all about setting up the legal and financial framework to run your Pinterest VA business.

How to create packages and set your rates

If you’re stumped on how to put together a package or how many packages to offer, chapter 3 of VA Ninja will give you total clarity. It also comes with editable package templates that you can steal. No guesswork. No time wasted. 

Managing client results and your workflow

Part of being a Pinterest VA is keeping tracking of your client’s Pinterest account growth and communicating them through reports. VA Ninja shows you how to create monthly reports for each client and also includes editable report templates. It also gives you a system to organize your workflow so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Marketing your services and landing your first clients

The most challenging part of being a Pinterest VA is getting your first clients. But no worries! VA Ninja will walk you through how to market your services and consistently get clients.

Access to the Pinterest VA database

Megan is a busy lady so she regularly has to turn away clients. That’s why she created the Pinterest VA database to connect clients with other Pinterest VAs. An added bonus to joining VA Ninja is access to this database. You can upload your headshot and a link to your services. This makes it so much easier for potential clients to find you. Getting access to this database normally costs $100 per year for non-students.

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