How To Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Blog

Is the idea of starting a blog making you want to run and hide?

Deep down, you know that you have something valuable to share.  But the thought of putting yourself out there is downright scary. And there is just so much to learn.

Why not wait and do more research? 

What do I even blog about?

How can I compete with all the gazillion blogs out there?

Before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of taking action. Your fear of blogging wins and keeps you stuck once again. 

Does this sound like you? If so, you’re in good company. I’ve been there myself. In fact, I was so scared to start a blog that it took me two years to finally take the leap. Two years! I get it. Starting a new venture is scary. You don’t know if it will work out. You don’t want to put in so much effort and fail. Those are legitimate fears, and being afraid just means you’re human.  

But do you want to look back years from now and wonder what if? I’m sure you’ve heard that people regret what they didn’t do more than what they did. So are you going to silence the doubts and take a chance on your idea? If you’re willing to take the leap, I want to help you overcome your fear of starting a blog once and for all. 

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7 Tips To Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Blog

1. Realize that you’ll never be ready

There’s a short yet powerful motivational video that I’ve watched 1000 times – check it out below. The video poses this thought-provoking idea: the question you should ask yourself isn’t ‘I’m I ready?’ but ‘I’m I willing?’ You see, you will never be ready to start a blog. Your confidence isn’t going to skyrocket to Barack Obama levels in a few months. Free time isn’t going to spring out of thin air. Commitments won’t go away. The stars will never align. 

Start. Just start. Take it one step at a time. First, create a rough plan of what you want to achieve. Then study a few successful bloggers, take a course, and go from there. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t start my first blog sooner. I wonder how much progress I would have made if I had started earlier. Don’t be like me!. Don’t wait until you feel ready – it won’t happen. You may have some anxiety about starting that blog but do it anyway. To take action in spite of fear and uncertainty is the definition of courage.

2. Everyone’s blog sucks in the beginning

Another common reason for putting off starting your blog is perfectionism. I am guilty of this. In fact, when I finally decided to start a blog, I delayed launching it for 5 months because. Why? I was trying to make sure my blog design was a masterpiece so I wouldn’t look like an amateur. My goal was to get my blog to look like Melyssa Griffin’s blog.

Even the biggest bloggers today had to start somewhere. Trust me, the first edition of everyone’s blog will need a ton of improvement. That’s just how it is. As a new blogger, you don’t have nearly as much experience as someone who has been blogging for five years. So why would you expect your blog to look like theirs? If you want to be more confident about launching your blog, make sure you invest in a professional blog theme. Spend time to learn about blogging from those who have been successful, but don’t compare yourself to them. After taking 30+ blogging courses over the past year, here are some courses I would highly recommend.

Recommended Courses for New Bloggers

Blog Simple Guide

If you want to understand how to create a successful blog, then I recommend you sign up for the free Blog Simple Guide by Paul Scrivens. A seasoned blogger, Paul runs 13 blogs in different niches. His blogs receive between 100,000-400,000 visitors a month!

Scrivs has figured out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a money-making blog. He won’t sugarcoat anything. If you want a frank guide to blogging for money, this course is for you. It’s a crash course on the fundamentals of blogging. Here’s what the course covers:

  1. Choosing a Blog Niche
  2. Understanding SEO
  3. Writing Blog Content
  4. How to Make Money
  5. Building an Email List
  6. Choosing a Web Host
  7. Choosing a Theme
  8. Launching Your Blog
  9. Driving Traffic To Your Blog
  10. The Blogging Mindset
  11. The Blogging Sales Funnel

Stupid Simple SEO

Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog. That’s why you’ll spend a significant amount of time as a blogger trying to drive visitors. Given that Google is the top search engine in the world, you cannot ignore it. You must learn about Searching Engine Optimization (SEO), and the earlier the better. In a nutshell, SEO is the process of making Google trust your site and rank your content rank highly on search results

Stupid Simple SEO is the best course I’ve taken about search engine optimization. SEO is probably the most intimidating topic for bloggers. However, it’s not as scary as it seems if you find the right teacher to walk you through it. Mike Pearson is an SEO expert and just the type of teacher you need to break down SEO for you. In easy-to-follow videos, Mike explains what SEO is and how it works in layman’s terms. After taking this course, you’ll never be intimidated by SEO again.

Pinterest Ninja 

There’s a good chance you found this post on Pinterest. This visual search engine is a game-changer for many bloggers. For new bloggers, in particular, it is easier to get traffic from Pinterest than from Google. Why? Google takes at least 6 months to index your site and determine the quality of your content. With Pinterest, you can go straight to the top results on your first day of blogging, if you know what you’re doing. Pinterest helped me take my first blog from 800 page views to 13,500 page views in just 3 months!

I have taken 6 Pinterest courses altogether, and believe that Pinterest Ninja is the best Pinterest course for beginners. It is taught by Megan Johnson, mom blogger and Pinterest strategist who gets around 200,000 pageviews a month from Pinterest. Pinterest Ninja goes over the fundamentals of Pinterest, such as how to set up a Pinterest account from scratch, claim your website, create boards, and join group boards. 

The best part of Pinterest Ninja is the in-depth training on Pinterest SEO.  Pinterest is a search engine after all so SEO still plays a key role in getting found. This course helped me understand Pinterest SEO better than any other course I’ve taken. It includes in-depth videos showing you how to use keywords on Pinterest, which is critical for your success. 

3. There is no such thing as the perfect time

If you’re postponing starting your blog, you are delaying your success. Maybe you want to wait until next year to do more research and be more prepared. By then, you’ll know what you’re doing and be set up for success, right? Nope. There will never be a perfect time to start your blog. You’ll always be busy. Things will come up. Life will get in the way. If you want to be a blogger, you have to make time for it. Set aside an hour in the morning. Write your blog posts when you’re on the metro. Find a way to fit blogging into your life. If you don’t find a way, you’ll find an excuse. The sooner you get started, the faster you can improve. Make a commitment to start. Write a date down on your calendar and find someone to hold you accountable. 

4. Blogging is an acquired skill

Have you ever learned a new language? Maybe you’ve learned how to play an instrument. Blogging is similar –  it takes time and practice. You don’t just wake up one day and start speaking French. In the same way, you can’t become a successful blogger overnight. You first need to learn the basics, like registering a domain, setting up WordPress, and finding a niche. Then after some time, you can move onto the intermediate stuff, such as guest posting and affiliate marketing.

Many people give up on blogging because they don’t have the patience to wait for results. I completely understand that feeling. Four months into my blogging journey, I was ready to throw in the towel. Nothing seemed to be working. I was working 10+ hour days and getting a measly 50 page views a day. Anyone would want to give up! But it’s important to remember that blogging is a long-term commitment. Those who can stick it out through the ups and downs are the ones who make it. To succeed in blogging, you need to find a compelling reason to keep you going.

5. There is room for everyone in the blogosphere

There are already millions of blogs out there. What you want to write about has been covered already. Wouldn’t it be a waste to start a blog and write the same things as other bloggers? No, it’s not! Readers are looking for different things, and your approach may just be what they like. Do you notice how many mommy bloggers there are who teach about working from home? That’s because the market for stay at home moms is huge. There is no way only a few bloggers can meet the needs of all the entrepreneurial moms out there. And there are so many sub-niches for stay at home jobs, like freelancing, blogging, becoming a virtual assistant.

Find a niche you know well and can teach confidently. Then go out and look for your tribe – on Pinterest, Facebook, by word of mouth, by guest posting on similar websites, or through market research. For me, I can talk endlessly about travel, blogging, and personal development. It gives me energy! That’s why I decided to focus my blog on those topics. What can you not stop talking about? That’s a huge clue about what your blog niche should be.

6. People will read your blog if you solve their problems

One of the biggest fears of new bloggers is that no one will read their posts. Here’s the truth: people will read your blog if you make their lives easier in some way. When I started my first blog, I got around 20-40 page views a day for the first 5 months. Why? Because I wasn’t helping my readers in any way. My blog was a travel diary where I basically wrote whatever I wanted to write, such as how much fun I had in Greece. Unless you’re famous, no one cares about your personal life. 

When I started writing practical travel guides to make people’s trips easier, my traffic drastically rose, reaching as much as 3,000 page views a day. People found value in my posts because it solved a pain point for them.

7. You can make money blogging (yes, really!)

If you told me 3 years ago that I could make money blogging, I would have laughed. I thought making money blogging was a pipe dream until I made my first affiliate sale – $38.80. Another sale followed not too long after – $43. Then $420. The real breakthrough was when I negotiated a sponsored post worth $800. I realized that if I stayed consistent and continued learning, I could actually make a full-time living from blogging.

It took me 18 months to replace my old salary and another 9 months to finally hit my monthly income goal. The main obstacles for me along the way have been self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome. When you’re venturing into the unknown, you have a tendency to second guess your decisions. Becoming an entrepreneur is a departure from your old identity.

It’s easy to feel like you’re not good enough, that you’ll never succeed. But you must know that those ideas are not true. If other people have built successful blogs, then there’s no reason why you can’t. You have something to offer that no one else can: you, your personality, and your unique perspective. There is no one else out there who has those qualities! If you’re scared of blogging, that’s completely normal. But you have to overcome your fear to achieve success. Start today. Don’t let your fear of blogging keep you from sharing your unique gifts and earning good money online.

If you’re ready to take the first step to finally start your blog, check out these helpful resources:

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  1. Michele says

    Thank you so much for what I needed to hear. Yes I’ve been so afraid of not doing what I see on Pinterest sites and I’m scared. I do hope I can get my act together and just do it.
    I will read all the information you have posted, thank you again for this post!

    • sugwueze says

      Hi Michele,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s completely fine to be scared. It means you’re pushing yourself. Just take it one step at a time. You will get there! I’m rooting for you!

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