Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing Review: How To Make Money on Pinterest

I used to think that generating affiliate sales required lengthy blog posts, tutorials, or email campaigns. Then I learned that people were making money with affiliate marketing directly on Pinterest. They were creating “affiliate pins” to promote products and earning healthy commissions. 

Intrigued, I set out to learn more about this strategy. I was already spending hours on Pinterest every day. Why not make extra income from it? That’s when I came across Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing, a course that teaches Pinterest enthusiasts how to profit from pinning. I invested in the course, and it helped me unlock the power of Pinterest to grow my affiliate income. In this review, I’ll talk about the pros, cons, and everything in between to help you decide if this course would be a good investment for you. 

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What is Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing?

Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing is an online course that teaches about smart strategies to grow your affiliate income by pinning on Pinterest. It is taught by McKinzie Bean, a mom blogger and Pinterest strategist. McKinzie has also shared her tips for affiliate marketing without a blog in an interview with me. 

Within six months of implementing a Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy, McKinzie grew her affiliate income from $0-$1,000 per month. In the course, she explains the exact system she uses to earn consistent affiliate income from Pinterest. 

Who is Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing for?

Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing is for online entrepreneurs, side hustlers, or stay-at-home moms who want to increase their affiliate income. This course is ideal for experienced affiliate marketers who are also familiar with Pinterest. If you’re learning about how affiliate links and affiliate programs work, I would recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing instead. If you’re learning about how Pinterest works, I would recommend McKinzie’s free course Pinterest Primer to get you up to speed.

Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing would be most beneficial to you if you’re already earning affiliate income from other channels and are looking for ways to expand it. Let’s say you’re a blogger or Etsy store owner who has a Pinterest business account. You’ve been using Pinterest to drive traffic to your business. Now, you want to promote your affiliate offers directly on Pinterest to grow your income. You would be the perfect candidate for this course.

Click here to learn more about Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing and how it can help you grow your affiliate income 

My experience with Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing

Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing was the second course I took about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. The first course, How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours, was an ebook that was rather brief and vague. It didn’t help me at all so I continued my search for a comprehensive course that would teach me what I needed to know. 

I had already taken McKinzie’s free Pinterest Primer course and liked her teaching style so I decided to give Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing a try. I was not disappointed. The course walked me through step-by-step how to create an affiliate marketing strategy for Pinterest. It explained the process thoroughly, from setting up boards to pin design to legal disclosures.

I got through the entire course in a matter of hours and started creating affiliate pins. I created pins mainly for courses I had taken, including Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing. It took about two weeks to earn my first affiliate sale from Pinterest. Interestingly enough, the pin was promoting  Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing.  

What do you learn in the course?

Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing has five modules that cover the core components of promoting affiliate products on Pinterest. Here’s a breakdown of the content:

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

You’ll get an introduction to how affiliate marketing works in general and within the context of Pinterest. 

Module 2: Optimize Your Pinterest Account

You’ll learn how to use keywords to optimize your profile and pins so that they can get found on Pinterest. 

Module 3: Branding for Pinterest 

You’ll learn about branding your profile and pins to create a cohesive theme. Then you get tips on how to design pins with viral potential. 

Module 4: Implementing Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 

You’ll learn about how to legally add affiliate links on Pinterest, the types of group boards to advertise your affiliate pins on, and how to get approved for affiliate programs if you’re not a blogger. 

Module 5: Pin Affiliate Tips for Bloggers 

You’ll learn about specific Pinterest affiliate marketing tactics that bloggers can leverage to increase their affiliate income.

What’s included in the course?

In addition to the five modules,. Pin To Profits Affiliate Marketing comes with worksheets and exercises to help you implement what you learn. There are also helpful tools to help you with your Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy. These include:

  • Affiliate Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Product and Affiliate Company Ideas
  • Affiliate Networks To Join 
  • 7 Canva Pin Templates (Bonus)

What I liked most about the course

The video-based instruction

I’m a visual learner so I appreciated McKinzie’s video lessons. She takes you into Pinterest, and you watch over her shoulder as she teaches you the key concepts. This helped me see exactly what I needed to do and replicate the steps easily. 

The lesson about the #1 board to make affiliate sales

This genius tip alone makes this course worth it. McKinzie talks about the #1 type of board you need to have on your Pinterest profile to generate sales. Without taking this course, I would never have thought of this. I think learning this piece of information definitely shifted how I approach affiliate marketing on Pinterest and made my strategy more effective.

The lesson about design tricks to increase clickthrough rates

This was another aha moment for me. McKinzie talks about specific design tricks you can include in affiliate pins to drive clicks and conversions. I have not only used these design tricks for affiliate pins but also for pins promoting opt-in forms for my email list. They definitely do convert higher so I’m glad that I learned these tricks. 

The affiliate tracking spreadsheet

I use the affiliate tracking spreadsheet provided in this course to track all my affiliate products and sales. This is the perfect spreadsheet for keeping track of all the important information, such as commission rates and cookie period. It was a godsend to have this included with the course so that there’s no guesswork about tracking your affiliate product and sales. 

What I didn’t like so much about the course

I wasn’t too impressed with the Canva pins. It was a nice gesture to include them as a bonus, but I didn’t feel like they were beneficial. I would say that the designs were kind of underwhelming. 

I should note that I was a Pinterest account manager who designed pins for clients so maybe my standards were high. I never used the bonus pins, creating my own instead. In the course, there is a lesson on pin design that shows some good examples of pins that convert. You can create your own pins, using the templates as a starting point. 

Is Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing worth the money?

At $47, Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing falls within the lowest tier of courses in terms of price. Often, people are suspicious of relatively cheap courses because they believe they will be too basic and not provide much value. That is simply not the case here. 

Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing is packed with value and helpful tips. Normally, I’m the type of person who needs to invest in multiple courses before I find the one that works for me. After taking this course, I didn’t feel any need to buy another course of the subject. I refer back to this course when I need a refresher on Pinteresting affiliate marketing strategies. So yes, I would definitely say it is worth the money. 

Tips for Success

I would recommend this course if you’re willing to commit to creating affiliate pins on a regular basis, at least for a few months. You should dedicate some time every week to making pins to promote your affiliate products. Then give the pins 10-14 days to see how well they convert. Then rinse and repeat. 

Based on my experiments, I found that affiliate pins are most likely to convert when you are promoting a product that is $100 or less. It’s even more effective when the product is $50 or less because people don’t have to think too much about parting with $50. They will buy directly from the sales page they land on from your affiliate link.

If you’re promoting a premium product that costs, let’s say, $500, customers need to be “nurtured” more because the stakes are higher. They would take an additional step like watching a webinar or going through an email sequence from the course creator. Sometimes, course creators and other merchants will provide an affiliate link to a webinar or lead magnet that gets potential customers in their funnel. You can link to such resources as opposed to the sales page for higher priced products. 

Experiment with promoting courses of different price points on Pinterest because you never know what will work. Based on my experience, I believe you’ll find the most success with low to mid-range priced courses. 

Final Thoughts 

Promoting affiliate links on Pinterest is a great way to build another online income stream. Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing is a comprehensive course that will show you how to do this the right way. It’s a one-stop resource for Pinteresting affiliate marketing that you can refer back to for years to come. That’s been the case for me. I bought this course in the summer of 2018 and still refer to the videos. 

I’m certainly glad I took this course because it taught me little tips and tricks I continue to use not only for affiliate marketing, but also for Pinterest in general. I’m confident that the strategies will help you take your affiliate marketing game to the next level. 

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