Traffic Transformation Guide Review: 21 Strategies To Increase Your Blog Traffic

This post is a review of the Traffic Transformation Guide, one of the most comprehensive blog traffic courses I’ve taken to date.

I’ll talk about the pros, cons, and everything in between to help you decide whether the Transformation Guide would be helpful to you.

So, do you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get more visitors to your blog? Every day, you’re publishing content, pinning on Pinterest, participating in share threads, and trying to figure out SEO. Still, your traffic doesn’t seem to budge. 

This is a scenario that many new and intermediate bloggers find themselves in – hustling 24/7 and having little to show for it. Or even worse, your page views are going down. You wonder what you’re doing wrong. Why is no one reading your blog while other bloggers are getting 50k, 100k, or even 500k page views a month?  

Mommy blogger, Lena Gott, found herself in the same situation and decided that something had to change. Within 10 months, she grew her traffic from 17k to 400k page views. In the Traffic Transformation Guide, Lena shares 21 strategies that helped her transform her traffic in a relatively short amount of time. 

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What is the Traffic Transformation Guide?

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The Traffic Transformation Guide is an ebook that outlines 21 tried and tested strategies that bloggers can use to drastically increase their traffic. It is based on the experiences of mommy blogger Lena Gott, who runs For months, Lena was stuck between 15,000-17,000 page views a month despite working on her blog full-time. Tired of the lack of growth, she committed to figuring out what she was doing wrong and finding effective strategies to increase her traffic.

In the course, Lena Gott describes in detail the specific steps she took to explode her blog traffic after struggling for months. The course focuses on both effective traffic strategies to adopt and ineffective strategies to drop. 

Who is the Traffic Transformation Guide for?

The Traffic Transformation Guide for bloggers who are struggling to grow their traffic or want to take their traffic to the next level. You’re an ideal candidate for this course If you’ve been blogging for nine months or more. You’ve published 30+ posts on your blog and have actively promoted them through SEO, Pinterest, and/or social media. Despite all that work, you find yourself experiencing one or more of these scenarios:   

  • Your page views are at the same number month after month
  • Your page views are decreasing.
  • You have wild fluctuations in traffic experiences – high one month and low the next
  • Your traffic is increasing at a snail’s pace.
  • Your traffic is increasing at a healthy pace, but you want to accelerate that growth.

What do you learn in the course?

The Traffic Transformation Guide offers a step-by-step guide to increasing your blog traffic. There are 21 steps and each one builds on the other. Each step covers a different strategy that Lena used to reach 400k page views in 10 months. to illustrate key points, you can explore screenshots, charts, and videos included throughout the Traffic Transformation Guide. 

The course starts with an introduction primes you for what’s to come. Lena challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in a position to experience massive growth. That means you have to be willing to drop ineffective strategies and try new strategies. From there, she dives into the core strategies that helped her grow her traffic, from narrowing her blog’s focus to writing a lot with a plan. The steps covered are as follows:

  • Step 1: Narrowing Your Blog’s Focus
  • Step 2: Shareability and Your Look
  • Step 3: Low Payback Tasks You Can Stop Doing Right Now
  • Step 4: How To Duplicate and Piggyback Blogging Successes
  • Step 5: A Few Words on Thoughtful Keyword Selection 
  • Step 6: Social Platform Focus – Why More on Fewer Platforms = More
  • Step 7: The Importance of Titles
  • Step 8: Landing Pages for Related Content
  • Step 9: Interlinking Secrets
  • Step 10: How To Showcase Popular Posts 
  • Step 11: Making Your Navigation Bar Work For You 
  • Step 12: Get Featured
  • Step 13: Stay in Your Lane(s) 
  • Step 14: Calculate Your Goals
  • Step 15: Target Holiday Traffic
  • Step 16: Writing a Lot with a Plan
  • Step 17: Traffic Waves & Blog Post Fireworks
  • Step 18: Optimize for Search Engines
  • Step 19: Don’t Be Too Clever
  • Step 20: Split Test Strategies
  • Step 21: Master a Platform Stack

What’s included in the course?

In addition to the 13 steps, the course comes with a notes section and worksheets to help you implement what you learn. There are worksheets to implement the interlinking strategies, split test ideas, identity and improve your top posts, and more.

As a student, you also get access to all future updates and new findings. Lena created this course in 2015 and has updated it several times to keep up with changing trends. For instance, when I purchased it, there was a section about using Google+ to promote your content. I implemented that strategy and found some success with it. Then Google+ was discontinued. The course has since updated that section to focus on how to get your blog featured in the media. 

My experience with the Traffic Transformation Guide

I purchased the Traffic Transformation Guide in the summer of 2018, about 10 months into my blogging journey. At the time, my traffic was gradually increasing because I had focused the past six months on mastering Pinterest. Still, I knew there was room for improvement. My goal was to qualify for Mediavine, and I had about half the number of sessions required to apply. I was determined to reach that Mediavine requirement within six months.

After purchasing the ebook, I printed it out and turned it into a booklet. Then I read through the whole thing in about 3 days, taking notes on any aha moments I had and immediate action steps to take. The course includes a notes section and worksheets at the end so I jotted down my ideas there. Then, one by one, I implemented the strategies, starting with the ones I found the most promising. I would say I gradually implemented 80% of the strategies in this course over the next couple of months. Each one built on the other, and the impact was phenomenal.

just like I had planned, I achieved the traffic requirement to get into Mediavine within six months. While I wouldn’t say that The Traffic Transformation Guide was solely responsible for that achievement, I think it played a major part. It gave me a framework and specific strategies to help me grow my traffic rapidly. After taking this course, I immediately dropped time-sucking, unproductive blogging activities and focused on blogging activities with a high return on investment. This change was crucial to hitting my traffic goals. 

What did I like most about the course?

1. The organization of the course material

This Traffic Transformation Guide seamlessly transitions from one idea to another. From the introduction to the 21 steps, every idea builds on the other. That’s what makes the course so easy to follow. You can finish it in one sitting because the stories and  examples Lena weaves throughout the course are so engaging. 

2. The genius tactics for grouping related content (step 8)

Earlier, I talked about the Traffic Transformation Guide was critical to my acceptance into Mediavine. I credit this particular step with helping me rapidly increase my traffic. While I can’t go into the specifics of the strategies (it’s copyrighted material), I can tell you that I implemented this strategy extensively. I already had around 60 posts, many of which were about Spain travel, so I was able to implement the strategy without much effort. For how little work I did, I was astounded by the results – tens of thousands of additional page views every month. By the summer of 2019, about a year after taking this course, my blog reached 80k page views. 

3. The strategies for showcasing your popular posts (step 10)

I had many aha moments while reading this section about showcasing your popular posts. It exposed me to ideas that are so simple, yet I had never thought about them before. This is one of the first ideas I implemented and the results were also immediate. 

4. The approach to calculating your traffic goals (step 13)

I love how Lena breaks down blog traffic into bite-sized goals. Suddenly, the idea of getting 200,000 pageviews doesn’t seem so intimidating. It’s part math and part strategy. From this lesson, I was able to take a look at Google Analytics and determine the types of posts I needed to write to hit my Mediavine goal. It was empowering in a sense to know that there are so many factors I can control to grow my blog traffic. I can pull different levers to hit the numbers I want. 

What I didn’t like so much about the course

I wish there was a community for students of The Traffic Transformation Guide. The course has sold over 2500 copies to date, which means there’s a sizable group of bloggers who have tried these strategies. It would be nice to connect with other students, hear about the strategies they’ve tried, what worked, and what didn’t. That’s really the only fault I could find with The Traffic Transformation Guide. It’s a do-it-yourself type of course.  

Is the Traffic Transformation Guide worth the money?

At $79, I think the Traffic Transformation Guide is reasonably priced. For the amount of value and insight Lena provides, she can certainly charge more. As I mentioned before, the Traffic Transformation Guide is the most comprehensive blog traffic course I’ve taken to date. It doesn’t just talk about SEO or Pinterest. It looks at virtually every component of your blog, from your navigation bar to your post titles to your SEO practices. That’s what makes this course so effective. It helps you look at your blog traffic from multiple lenses so that you can implement incremental changes that lead to massive growth.

Tips for Success

There are 21 strategies for traffic growth outlined in the Traffic Transformation Guide. That’s a lot of different ideas you can implement. To be successful, it’s best to get an overview of all the strategies and then implement them one at a time.

1. Read through the whole e-book and take notes

This book has so many tips that it will be overwhelming at times. That’s why it’s important to take notes on key ideas you come across. There’s a notes section at the end of the ebook. If you can, print out the ebook so that you can refer to the steps and your notes easily. 

I would also recommend that you read through the entire ebook before you start implementing any strategies. You want to get an overview of all the steps so that you can decide the best ones to try and in what order.  

2. Complete the worksheets at the end of the e-book

In addition to taking notes, I would also recommend you complete the worksheets at the end of the ebook. There are five of them. These will provide you with ideas and a framework to implement the strategies in the book. 

3. Make a list of strategies you plan to implement

There’s a worksheet in the ebook that gives you an opportunity to write out new things you want to try. Use it! After writing down the strategies you want to try, rank them based on how promising they seem or the ease of implementation. Then try the strategies one at a time, evaluating their effectiveness as you go. 

Final thoughts

I recently read a book called Atomic Habits. It talks about how incremental changes in behavior can compound to have a big impact. If you get 1% better every day – even if it’s not noticeable immediately – you’ll be 37 times better after one year. That’s the same philosophy behind the Traffic Transformation Guide. If you make small changes to your blog every day, overtime your traffic will grow exponentially.

The Traffic Transformation Guide is frankly a godsend for bloggers, especially those who have to grow their traffic. It outlines so many strategies to try that you’re bound to find a couple that will move the needle for you. As someone who has taken 35+ online courses, I think The Traffic Transformation Guide is among the best I have taken. It’s everything you want in a course – easy to follow, value-packed, and results-oriented. If you’re a blogger who wants to learn some tried and tested strategies to grow your traffic, I would wholeheartedly recommend this course. 

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